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Thriller (Michael Jackson) - Present simple X Present Continuous

(picture used only to illustrate)
I used this song to prepare this worksheet contrasting the Present Simple and the Present Continuous. There are plenty of examples in the lyrics, so I prepared a numbered gap-filling. The students have to find the missing verb (given in the infinitive) and use the verb in the tense required.

They'll find other exercises on the second page: 

  • Sentences to complete with the present simple or continuous (they have to choose which one to use);
  • Exercises to write about habits (the student's and his/her family's) using the present simple;
  • A multiple choice to practice both tenses in the negative, affirmative and interrogative forms.
  • They also have a brief grammar guide + examples on the present simple and continuous on the second page.

The worksheet is in docx format, if you are using an Office old verson (97/2003 or older), please visit the Microsoft site, download the "Microsoft compatibility pack" and instal it before opening the file. To download the Microsoft compatibility pack, visit: MICROSOFT OFFICE COMPATIBILITY PACK DOWNLOAD.

To download this document, click the link below:


(updated in September 26, 2011 - replaced by a pdf document)


6 comentários:

  1. This activity looks awsome, but I just can't download it! Please, help me get this!

  2. Carina, acabei de publicar um tutorial para fazer o download basta clicar no link com o título da apostila, que está logo acima da minha assinatura na postagem do blog.

    Espero que agora consiga!
    Zailda Coirano

  3. Not possible to download it!

  4. Clique no link no final do artigo, com o nome da apostila.

  5. o link está vazio!!! o arquivo word está vazio!!!

  6. Olá
    O arquivo foi substituído por um arquivo pdf hoje, espero que agora esteja OK.


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