sábado, 1 de maio de 2010

She loves you (present simple practice)

This worksheet was prepared to practice the present simple. There's a gap-filling, short grammar guides on the present simple in the affirmative, negative and interrogative forms.

First students fill in the gaps while listening the song, choosing from one of the verbs given, making the necessary transformations. Then they read the grammar guides and do the other exercises. Hope it helps.

To use the file, just click on the picture above, it will open in a larger size. On your browser, click on the first option on the top - left (arquivo in Portuguese) and then choose "print (imprimir)". If you want, you can also downloading it. Right-click and choose "save picture as" and save it. Open a word document and insert it. You can also paste it into a word document. Right-click and choose "copy" and then paste it into your document.

You can download the mp3 file clicking the link below:



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