segunda-feira, 20 de setembro de 2010

What a wonderful world - Plural of Nouns

(picture used only to illustrate)
This worksheet deals with the plural of nouns. First the students have to use the words given (in alphabetical order) and complete the words under the pictures (singular). The second task is to fill in the gaps with the same words in plural. The third task is to change some sentences in the singular to the plural form.

To download the worksheet (in pdf format) click the link below:


domingo, 19 de setembro de 2010

What goes around... comes around (Justin Timberlake) - Past Simple

(picture used only to illustrate)
This worksheet has exercises dealing with the Past Simple, for further students' practice. It contains regular and irregular verbs in the past.

First I prepared a numbered gap-filling and the students have a list of used verbs in the infinitive, they fill in the gaps with the verbs in the Past Simple and check while listening.

On the second page they have sentences to complete with the verbs taken from the lyrics in the Past Simple, a multiple choice test and some sentences to write using the verbs from the missing list. They also have a brief explanation on the abbreviations used in the lyrics.

To download the file in pdf format, click the link below:


sábado, 18 de setembro de 2010

Thriller (Michael Jackson) - Present simple X Present Continuous

(picture used only to illustrate)
I used this song to prepare this worksheet contrasting the Present Simple and the Present Continuous. There are plenty of examples in the lyrics, so I prepared a numbered gap-filling. The students have to find the missing verb (given in the infinitive) and use the verb in the tense required.

They'll find other exercises on the second page: 

  • Sentences to complete with the present simple or continuous (they have to choose which one to use);
  • Exercises to write about habits (the student's and his/her family's) using the present simple;
  • A multiple choice to practice both tenses in the negative, affirmative and interrogative forms.
  • They also have a brief grammar guide + examples on the present simple and continuous on the second page.

The worksheet is in docx format, if you are using an Office old verson (97/2003 or older), please visit the Microsoft site, download the "Microsoft compatibility pack" and instal it before opening the file. To download the Microsoft compatibility pack, visit: MICROSOFT OFFICE COMPATIBILITY PACK DOWNLOAD.

To download this document, click the link below:


(updated in September 26, 2011 - replaced by a pdf document)


sexta-feira, 17 de setembro de 2010

Baby (Justin Bieber)

(Picture used only to illustrate,)
I prepared this worksheet as a listening and vocabulary practice for my elementary students. I prepared a gap-filling with the lyrics and provided the missing words, because as they have studied English for one semester or so, they may find difficulties recognizing the words.

After recognizing the words while listening to the song, they have sentences to use the same words, so they have the opportunity to practice the vocabulary using them in other context.

The document is in pdf format, to download it just click the link below:



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